How can we connect this month?

1. Send an email and let’s start with a virtual coffee.
2. Want to Celebrate Filipino Heritage Month with Max’s Restaurant? Hosted by Max’s Restaurant & LMVA Consulting, join us for Facebook Lives as we celebrate successful Canadian-Filipino Business Professionals. Our first one is Tuesday, June 15.
3. Looking for your 2-hour summer guide to marketing that works? Check on Marketing’s A Beach on Wednesday, June 23 facilitated by Coffee Ring Marketing.
4. Want to connect with LMVA’s community. Join us for our Zoom Check-In on Thursday, June 24. This month’s focus, events & tech.
5. Stay in touch and sign up for LMVA’s newsletter to learn more about our next opportunity to network or learn. Our next email will be sent on Tuesday, June 15.

On June 5, 2021, LMVA Consulting was excited to be apart of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra (WJO)’s Women in Jazz Symposium. The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra invited students, educators, and jazz enthusiasts to participate in this event as a source of education, inspiration, and to broaden the discussion of nurturing young women in their pursuit in jazz. 

Interested in exploring ways LMVA Consulting can collaborate with you?

We love to work with other organizations. Below are organizations we collaborate with. If you feel there maybe an opportunity to explore, we invite you to contact us.

Looking for your 2-hour summer guide to marketing that works?

Tired of being in the dark about how to market your business? Grab a drink with a tiny umbrella because on June 23, 2021, Coffee Ring Marketing is going to show you just how easy, breezy summer we can make your marketing strategy.

Learn more about Coffee Ring Marketing, how they can help you, and check out their blog.

Looking for ways ways to better manage your business? Check out this YouTube Page!

As a business owner, we are always looking at ways to improve our business. While this channel is designed for public accountants and bookkeepers, there are lots of nuggets of information that would help business owners in operating a successful business. Check out Jean-Guy Talbot’s YouTube Page and subscribe to watch future videos.

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