November is #FinancialLiteracyMonth

Check out the resources and events that will help you build financial resilience. According to Financial Consumer Agency, this year Financial Literacy Month will focus on the renewed National Financial Literacy Strategy and the importance of building financial resilience in challenging times and a digital economy. Check out some resources from our recommended sources:

Recommended Reads: Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering

Read this book and discuss principles from Priya’s book with colleagues and your team.

LMVA was excited to participate in Conflict Resolution Day 2021, hosted by ADRIM, as a sponsor, a facilitator of a concurrent session, and an attendee. This event has (and will continue to) go deeper into the principles that Priya discusses in the book on why we gather and how we can have meaningful conversations.

The event opened with a fantastic Fireside Chat with Priya Parker and David Falk, President of ADRIM and the event’s co-chair. This was followed by 5 concurrent sessions in various sectors and finished with an amazing closing panel that left attendees in awe. The closing panel was an amazing close as the panelists engaged in real, authentic, and vulnerable conversations.

Check out the book on, learn more about Priya Parker, and check out her resources!

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