As you build tools in your toolbox, check out the resources to help you and your business grow.

LMVA Consulting

How we can connect in March:

1. Let’s connect on moving your in-person event virtual oand start with a virtual coffee.
2. Obtain a FREE Marketing Diagnostic for your business in collaboration with Coffee Ring Marketing.
3. Stay in touch and sign up for LMVA’s newsletter to learn more about our next opportunity to network or learn. Announcements on Leadercast 2021 coming soon!

Do you need help taking marketing off your plate?

Learn more about Coffee Ring Marketing, how they can help you, and check out their blog.

Looking for ways ways to better manage your business?
Check out this YouTube Page!

As a business owner, we are always looking at ways to improve our business. While this channel is designed for public accountants and bookkeepers, there are lots of nuggets of information that would help business owners in operating a successful business. Check out Jean-Guy Talbot’s YouTube Page and subscribe to watch future videos.

Interested in exploring ways LMVA Consulting can collaborate with you?

We love to work with other organizations. If you feel there maybe an opportunity to explore, we invite you to contact us.

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