About Us

Kristine Tubiera, CEO

With over seventeen years of experience as an association management professional in the accounting profession, Kristine Tubiera has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with accountants and promoting the profession. Many of these years, she worked in the member services area – program planning and promotion, professional development, awards, and recognition programs. Earlier in her career with the association, she worked closely with small to mid-sized public accounting firms.

Since LMVA’s inception in 2017, Kristine has transferred her skills to support speakers, coaches, small business owners and Associations with marketing, promotion, program management, and events. She has become her clients’ strategic partner to build relationships within the community, connecting like-minded individuals to help fulfill their greater purpose.

The LMVA Team

It takes a team to build an organization and no one can do it alone.

Working together with our clients and their team, LMVA Consulting partners with organizations and engages contractors to provide a wide range of services. Depending on your resource needs, LMVA Consulting will serve as an extension of your team.

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