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Like all great ideas, LMVA Consulting’s business model was built on a cocktail napkin.

Before Kristine’s 15 year anniversary in the Association world, it was time for a change. Working with CGA Manitoba, then CPA Manitoba during the merger of the accounting bodies in Canada, she still loved the work that she performed and the members she served, but it wasn’t the same. As roles and responsibilities changed, her direct contact with the small/mid-sized public accounting firms minimized.

Operating at times, as an extension of a public accounting firm’s team, in 2017, she took the leap to start LMVA Consulting. She wanted to continue guiding business owners as they build their businesses and follow in the footsteps of many of the accountants who have inspired her over the years.

Kristine is passionate about supporting public practitioners, small business owners, and Associations. It takes a team to build and organization and no one can do it alone.​

With over seventeen years of experience in the accounting profession as an association management professional, Kristine has a wealth of knowledge and experience in building member engagement and guiding practitioners. For several years, she worked intimately with small to mid-sized public accounting firms understanding their needs, created innovative programs and services to support their practices, and educated practitioners in understanding their regulatory requirements. During the merger of the three accounting bodies in Manitoba, she facilitated the transition of members into the new organization and focused on building engagement, developed relationships with key stakeholders, and managed the Discipline and Appeals process. As a member of the senior leadership team, she contributed to the direction of the organization, focused on the development of programs and events to engage and support members.

Since LMVA’s inception in 2017, Kristine has transferred her skills to support small business owners and Associations with marketing, promotion, program management, and events. She has become her clients’ strategic partner using networking, professional development, events, and mentorship to help build relationships and drive their business.

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The LMVA Team

It takes a team to build an organization and no one can do it alone.

Working together with our clients and their team, LMVA Consulting partners with organizations and engages contractors to provide a wide range of services. Depending on your resource needs, LMVA Consulting will serve as an extension of your team.

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