About Us

LMVA Consulting works with speakers, authors, and business owners to launch their programs and build community. Expand your client base by connecting your network through LMVA. Discover and connect with your target audience, find events (or create events) you love, and build a community of colleagues.

Kristine Tubiera
Founder & CEO , LMVA Consulting

Kristine is a firm believer that the world is highly connected and someone we meet today could lead to a new client, a partner, a collaborator, or another introduction to moving your vision and goals forward. For her clients and community, she creates events as opportunities to learn, gather people with purpose, and build relationships.

Starting her career in marketing and communications, she stumbled into the world of Association Management. From day one, she has worked closely with small to mid-sized public accounting firms to understand their needs, develop programs and services to support their practices, built a community of practitioners, and served as an extension of their team.

After spending 17 years working in the accounting profession, understanding the regulations, working with accountants, and developing relationships with key stakeholders, she supported members through the merger and transition of the three accounting bodies in Manitoba. It was only after an email from a practitioner, letting her know about a business for sale, she realized that she wanted to make the move to start a business and follow in the footsteps of the small-mid size accounting firms and entrepreneurs she admired.

Kristine is a connector and loves to create opportunities to bring people together. In 2017, Kristine established LMVA Consulting where she transferred her expertise as an Association Management Executive to guide leaders, speakers, coaches, small business owners, and Associations with the strategy and execution of launching their programs and building community.

The LMVA Team

It takes a team to build an organization and no one can do it alone. Working together with our clients and their team, LMVA Consulting partners with organizations and engages contractors to provide a wide range of services. Depending on your resource needs, LMVA Consulting will serve as an extension of your team. Interested in collaborating? Reach out.

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