Everyone needs a mentor.

Mentors provide us with perspective, guidance, and encouragement. Whether a mentor relationship is created informally or within a formal program, LMVA Consulting believes in connecting people who can learn from each other.

How can we help you?

  • Develop a mentor program for your organization
  • Review your existing mentorship program and work with your team
  • Create opportunities for informal mentorship relationships

To facilitate connecting, join us at one of our LMVA events!

Services include:

  • Create a mentorship strategy and resources
  • Facilitate focus groups to identify program needs
  • Assess your existing program and provide recommendations
  • Manage an existing mentorship program

With over thirteen years of experience overseeing a formal mentorship program, let us help you evaluate your mentorship needs. LMVA Consulting has been fortunate to work with amazing mentors and mentees. As we value the importance of connecting people together, we can help you connect with potential mentors or mentees.

Visit for a listing of upcoming events.

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