Build Opportunities

As your strategic partner, LMVA Consulting is an extension of your team – to lead, mentor, train, or implement. We build opportunities to connect you with your people and increase your impact. Whether its helping you connect with your clients, leveraging the event stage, or building a community around the people you serve.

Building relationships and connect with your people.

Whether you are a business owner, a speaker, coach, or an attendee, we leverage live events (in-person and virtual) and networking opportunities to connect people with each other.

Producing opportunities to learn.

LMVA Consulting facilitates several professional development events for its clients, partners, and under its own name. From strategy to delivery, we explore new formats to deliver content, collaborate with professional speakers, produce, or emcee your program.

Working with speakers, authors, coaches, business owners, and associations.

LMVA Consulting works with those who want to build their speaking profile, promote their programs, create their tools and resources, engage their members, and expand their reach.

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