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Thank you for stopping by the LMVA Consulting booth at the Winnipeg Chamber Small Business Forum. Over the last 10 months, we have all come up with innovative ways to reach potential clients and serve our existing clients. As business owners, we have embraced technology, increased our digital presence, and built relationships virtually.

LMVA Consulting works with clients as their strategic partner using networking, professional development, events, and mentorship to build relationships and drive their business.

For your participation in today’s event and as a Winnipeg Chamber Member (member or future member), we invite you to take advantage of one (or all of these offers).

  1. Register for LMVA’s December – LMVA Connect on December 9, 2020. Take the opportunity to enhance your virtual networking skills. Walk away with tips to help you with your next virtual event (as a participant or as a host) at no charge.
  2. Connect with LMVA and explore ways you can connect with your audience. We serve as an extension of your team – to lead, mentor, train, or implement. We also love brainstorming!
  3. Obtain your Free Marketing Diagnostic with LMVA’s partner, Coffee Ring Marketing.

Transform your live in-person event to a live virtual event.

Expand your reach.

Take marketing off your plate so you can focus on your business.

Percolating ideas for your business from the ground up
Book your Discovery meeting today and obtain your Free Marketing Diagnotic.
* Services provided by Coffee Ring Marketing

Build your toolbox with us.

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