Using Obvio at your event?


Whether your event is in person, online, or both, we encourage clients to explore ways to ensure your speakers, attendees, and organizers have an engaging and interactive experience. There are a number of different platforms that companies can choose to host their online or hybrid event. One of our preferred platforms is

We are pleased to be using Obvio for the upcoming MMEA Tempo Music Conference. is an event platform that integrates with Zoom. It’s built on WordPress and integrates with an enterprise version of Zoom. Note: Obvio and Zoom are two separately held companies. While you are using two platforms separately, they work in tandem to bring a virtual event to life.

If you’ve used Zoom, you have most capabilities of Zoom. What’s unique about is that attendees are provided a unique login key to create a password. What we love about this platform is the interaction that happens in your room. Presenters can see attendees and attendees can see each other. This will allow for the option to have more engagement between presenters and attendees.

That’s not all can do. Event organizers can have some fun and add some gamification? With unique login keys, attendees can earn points for checking in, viewing your sponsor page, and much more! Follow your points on the event leaderboard over the day and compete with other attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions For Event Attendees Using

I’m having trouble accessing What web browser do I need to use to access

Ensure your web browser is up to date. For your reference, the web browser compatibility with Obvio:
- Chrome version 73 or newer
- Firefox version 63 or newer
- Safari version 12 or newer
- Edge
- Internet Explorer does not support Obvio

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. uses Zoom meetings to deliver presentations, host panels, and events to create face-to-face attendee engagement and interaction. Most services are available in versions of Zoom. For more information, visit the Zoom Knowledge Centre.


If you are using Obvio for an event and you are having technical problems, visit the event's Help Desk once you are on the Obvio event dashboard or reach out to
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