Leadercast Winnipeg 2021

Once again, an amazing line-up from Leadercast!
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Leadercast is on a mission to fill the world with leaders worth following by serving them with thought-provoking development content and transformative leadership conferences featuring experts and peers who dare to take the business world by storm. Join us in Winnipeg on September 24, 2021 – in-person or virtually for our rebroadcasted event.

Bringing together amazing speakers from Leadercast and leaders within our own community, LMVA Consulting will feature a local keynote speaker, Gordon Dmytriw, over lunch. Stay tuned for more details and learn how LMVA Consulting creates an environment for learning and connecting.

Join us at Leadercast Winnipeg, September 24, 2021 for a rebroadcasted event hosted by LMVA Consulting. Attend virtually or in-person at Launch Co-working – Exchange.
* The event will be hosted within the provincial health guidelines.

2021 Leadercast Speakers

Guy Raz is recognized within the radio and podcast community and has authored the book How I Built This.
Rainn Wilson is an Emmy nominated and SAG award winning actor known best for his role in The Office as Dwight Schrute. He is the founder of a popular entertainment company SoulPancake and has over 3.45 million subscribers on this YouTube channel.
Austin Channing Brown is a NY Times bestseller and the Executive Producer of the web series, The Next Question.
Andy Stanley has been a staple in Leadercast’s history bringing thought provoking and leadership takeaways to our stage, year over year.
Liz Bohannon is the founder and CEO of Sseko Designs which is an ethical design brand that works to educate and empower women.
Chris Carter is a pro-football hall of famer and has worked for HBO, Fox Sports, and ESPN.
Todd Henry is the founder of podcast, Accidental Creative. He is an author and speaks about creativity, productivity, and passion for work.
Michael C. Bush is the CEO of Great Place to Work, the global authority on high-trust, high performance workplaces.

Deni Tato is a certified Enneagram executive coach for Fortune 500 Leaders.

Local Keynote Speaker: Gordon Dmytriw

Gord has spent 35 years in the sales and marketing arenas, recently retiring from his day-to-day responsibilities as Chief Strategy Officer at Think Shift, an advertising agency based in Winnipeg, MB.

Gord’s focus at Think Shift was working with clients to set strategic direction, develop brand strategies as well as assessing and ensuring their cultures were aligned and able to support.

While there’s a lot to the practice of ensuring a company’s culture can keep the promises its brand makes, it starts with helping Leaders be intentional about the kind of culture they want to nurture. Get that clear and you have the makings of a true work force – a force that works to deliver value for shareholders, employees and customers.

Leading with Integrity

The pandemic forced all of us into a different relationship with society; to rethink what it means to be a citizen. And from the thousands of small businesses owners who diligently followed healthcare guidelines, to the many politicians who were consistently caught violating them, it put everyone’s integrity on display.

While we all have an intuition about integrity, what concrete actions define it? And how can leaders model integrity and create a culture that behaves with integrity day in and day out? In this talk, you learn about the three simple behaviours people with integrity consistently demonstrate as well as a model you can use to at work to bring those behaviours to life, creating a culture of openness and accountability.

Event Partners

Launch Co-Working Exchange

Join us for our in-person event a Launch Co-Working Exchange

Reception Entertainment: Keith Macpherson

Join us for the reception following the re-broadcast of Leadercast: Shift

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