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I fell into association management by chance. I worked with amazing mentors, staff, and member volunteers.  It became a career that I was excited about and motivated me to make a difference.

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique skill set and established an extensive network where I want to take my knowledge, expertise, and network and help others other entreprenurs and organizations.” 

– Kristine Tubiera, CEO

With over seventeen years of experience as an association management professional in the accounting profession, Kristine Tubiera has a wealth of knowledge and experience she can bring to help your business.

The majority of those years, she worked closely with small to mid-sized public accounting firms to understand their needs, created programs and services to support their practices, and help practitioners understand their regulatory requirements.

Kristine supported the firms by delivering a professional development program and developing services to support practitioners. She also provided a platform to connect with other practitioners. She facilitated strategic planning sessions with public practitioners and key stakeholders to establish a strategic plan for public accounting, developed and managed the overall implementation of new public accounting entrance standards, and developed the policies to support the standards. As opportunities became available to grow within the organization, Kristine embraced them. She became involved in the professional development program for members, various member services initiatives, and provided guidance on the CGA Manitoba Act – Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct and CGA Manitoba by-laws, the complaints process and the discipline process to members and the public.

During the merger of the three accounting designations to form CPA Manitoba and post-merger, she was a member of the senior leadership team. With a primary focus under the regulatory and member services areas for both CGA Manitoba and CPA Manitoba, she supported members through the transition by providing guidance and helping members understand the new public accounting regulations. Kristine facilitated and managed the transition of volunteers, established regulatory and non-regulatory committees and the tools and resources to support various committees, developed process and procedures and worked with staff and IT to helped translate the business needs to the organization’s database needs for the Association Management Software.

Kristine’s ability to leverage resources and work together with professional staff, member volunteers, and key stakeholders have contributed to her success. By creating meaningful connections, she has built strong relationships with organizations and the customers she serves.

Since starting her business, in 2017, she has applied her experience with events, marketing, professional development, program management, customer engagement, and regulatory requirements to worked with entreprenurs, Associations, and Not-For-Profits clients.

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The Team

It takes a team to build an organization and no one can do it alone.

Working together with our clients and their team, LMVA Consulting sub-contracts and partners with various individuals to provide a wide range of services. Depending on your resource needs, LMVA Consulting will serve as an extension of your team or connect you with an individual.

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